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Le Tourneau Architects

Architect Chris LeTourneau was born and raised in Laguna ­Beach, California and where he was introduced at an early age to residential design through his father’s background as a general contractor during job site walk through that would ultimately be the mechanism that would lead to a Bachelor in Architecture at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  After graduating in 2002, LeTourneau began an expedited progression to attain his license and start his own firm shortly thereafter in 2006 to explore modern contemporary architecture in a more sophisticated design ideology.  LeTourneau has been exploring a number of different residential projects that attempt to balance the calming minimalist spaces with bold architectural forms.  These homes continue to reveal a number of recurring features such as the elongated approach entry and arrival sequencing, long gallery spaces with a strong emphasis on natural light as well as the constant juxtaposition of materiality and bold architectural features. 

Le Tourneau Interiors

LeTourneau Interiors was conceived to create an intuitive and seamless connection between architecture and interior design.  The firm’s principal architect, Chris LeTourneau, thoughtfully considers interior design at the forefront of the design process, emphasizing it at the conception of each building’s design. The Space planning, furniture specification and layout are essential driving components that shape the architecture and inspire beautifully intentioned environments. LeTourneau Interiors offers a timeless and minimalist approach to their projects that compliment the architecture through the use of  juxtaposing color and rich material palettes. Lead interior designer, Aimee Sadle, a color and material specialist, plays a demanding role in converging multiple layers of design elements into a cohesive yet provocative presentation of rich simplicity. A graduate of the renowned Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and a Color and Material Designer at Tesla, Sadle brings her expertise and masterful trained eye to create harmony through a sophisticated balance of aesthetics, creativity and functionality to each LeTourneau Architecture home.

Hiebsch Custom Homes

Bringing more than 15 years of expertise constructing extraordinary oceanfront properties, Hiebsch Custom Homes brings a unique approach to building your dream home.  Collaborating with top architects, designers, and craftsman in Southern California, our team strives on every project to intertwine form and function into a seamless and stunning work of art.  We meticulously bring to life the Architect and Owner’s vision, working with specialized materials and contractors to create structures of unparalleled beauty and innovation.  While ensuring at every turn that each element is built with the strength and functionality necessary to permit years of uninterrupted enjoyment.  Each detail is scrutinized to ensure it blends beautifully into the design and exceeds every expectation.

Fritchle Company

“Develop the finest architecture possible”. Passionate about building the absolute highest quality product for his deserving buyers, Fritchle Development’s mission statement is simple. Every Fritchle Development home is built not only to withstand the test of time, but with the utmost appreciation for every single material that goes in to each individual project. Its Founder, Clark Fritchle, hopes that a buyer walking into a Fritchle Development project not only admires the beauty and quality of the home, but instantly pictures themselves living there. It is his collaboration with well known architects and builders that make Fritchle Development projects a unique offering. This, combined with a meticulous eye for detail, is what drives Clark’s passion to bring an architect’s unique vision to life, alongside the skill of an elite home builder.